About me

I am Angela Johnson Meszaros, an environmental justice activist and lawyer in Los Angeles, California.  I’ve been working on environmental justice issues in this area for 15 years.  During that time, I have worked to support and enhance the voices of members of low income communities and communities of color who are working to address air quality burdens in and around their communities.  I have also worked on other issues including freeway siting, childhood lead poisoning, toxic waste storage, land use, and water quality.

Currently, my work is focused on issues at the intersection of energy, air quality, and climate change–informed and framed by my years of active engagement in the Southern California environmental justice movement.  At this intersection the health, safety, and quality of life of communities of color and low-income communities overlaps with the most critical issue of our time—changing the way we make and use energy.   There is no task where the benefits of success and the burdens of failure are so clear.

In this blog I will follow and comment upon the policy, law, and science of energy, air quality, and climate change.  I will view those developments through a lens of how they play out in communities of color and low-income communities—especially those located in Southern California.

I can be reached at blog@cleanairmatters.net