The Other Shoe Drops

I’ve written here before about our case against the California Air Resources Board challenging Arnold Schwarzenegger’s blind and mad rush forward to adopt a carbon trading scheme for California no matter if the damn thing works or not.  In March, the San Francisco Superior Court decided that the Air Resources Board violated California’s environmental laws when it adopted the carbon trading scheme.

So now, the other shoe drops and here’s the Final Writ and Judgment from the Court.

The Court has enjoined the Air Resources Board from doing anything and everything related to the carbon trading scheme “including any further rulemaking and implementation of cap and trade, specifically but limited to any action in furtherance of California Cap and Trade Program Resolution 10-42.

If you have any question about the scope of the Court’s Writ and whether ARB can continue to work “behind the scenes” on cap and trade, you should take a look at  Resolution 10-42.

I think that about 1/3 of the ARB staff is going to have nothing to do starting Monday.

Wait, I have a thought–maybe they would work on developing regulations, standards, and incentives that will actually reduce emissions from sources of pollution.  I’m just sayin’…


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