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Public Health, Public Policy and Public Debate—here’s hoping we get to the “good” after trudging through the “bad” and the “ugly”

So, the big SCAQMD Governing Board meeting happened on January 7th and so far they have been silent about what happened.   Nonetheless, you can read a media report about it here.  That report recounts the heated exchange between a member of the public, Ricardo Pulido, and Chairman Burke.  I gotta say, the whole hearing wasn’t pretty.  [...]

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When Good Government Goes Bad

With the adoption of proposed Rule 1315 on Friday, The South Coast Air Quality Management District will manage to hit the sweet-spot of bad government:  writing a rule that strips valuable assets from the people who earned them to keep them for itself.   And all the while, making the air more deadly. Strong words?  Yes.  [...]

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