Because clean air matters

Well, I blogged before about the case we filed challenging the law sponsored by the South Coast Air Quality Management and a second law supported by the District that threw out the ruling we obtained from the Superior Court that found that the District had violated the environmental law when it adopted some rules that would allow them to add a BUNCH of new pollution to the air and ensure the construction of more fossil fuel power plants in the south coast air basin.

Hey, why stop adding pollution to the air now, its already among the the most filthy in the country.

Anyway, the judge in the case we brought challenging the District’s actions found that the law that the District wrote, and spend a bunch of resources lobbying for, didn’t violate the Constitution.  We also lost on our claim that, if the law was Constitutional,  the District failed to follow the requirements of the law.  I know, bummer.

So say “good bye” to the law that says that the District has to disclose the health and environmental impacts of their rule changes that add tons and tons of new pollution to the air;  and say “hello” to a bunch of new pollution!  The District has kicked into over-drive to get all the pollution permits out the door as fast as possible.

On August 17, we appealed the judge’s ruling.  We believe that the Appeals Court will agree that the law is on our side.

Too bad the District will have already allowed tons, and tons, and tons, of new air pollution to be released into the air.

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