Cap and Trade: Still a scam.

Look at these two polls from last summer.  Before George W. Bush and his friends released the market-hounds-of-hell on the planet, people supported addressing climate change.

Nearly all respondents, 94.0%, said they were very or somewhat willing to change their own lifestyle to reduce the impact of climate change. And, 95.1% believed there were things they could be doing to use energy more wisely.
Just 5.6% saw an associated decline in their quality of life as they reduced energy consumption. The majority, 69.3%, did not see any impact on their quality of life and 20.3% suggested they saw an associated increase in their quality of life when they reduced consumption.
Over two-thirds of Americans, 68.6%, expressed a willingness to pay higher prices for “Green” energy sources or items like electric cars to reduce the effect of global warming.

But they didn’t support cap and trade.

Three-quarters of Americans think the federal government should regulate the release into the atmosphere of greenhouse gases from power plants, cars and factories to reduce global warming, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, with substantial majority support from Democrats, Republicans and independents.

But fewer Americans — 52 percent — support a cap-and-trade approach to limiting greenhouse gas emissions similar to the one the House may vote on as early as tomorrow. That is slightly less support than cap and trade enjoyed in a late July 2008 poll. Forty-two percent of those surveyed this month oppose such a program.

Sadly, in the public debate “cap and trade” is being subsituted for what really needs to happen to address climate change: change the way we make and use energy.  But cap and trade can’t work.  (see my super old post on the EJ Matters website on this topic,  “Cap and trade won’t work and ‘Free markets’ ain’t free.“)

Now look at where we are: all out war on AB 32.

So, that’s all a lead in to my strong suggestion that you check out this great presentation by Annie Leonard. (You might also what to check out her video “The Story of Stuff“)

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