It’s here…it’s here!

It’s here!  The Port of Los Angeles Inventory of Air Emissions – 2008 is finally here!

What’s all the excitement about?  Well, you may be vaguely aware that I’ve been litigating a series of cases (along with excellent co-counsel) related to the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s effort to create a bunch of new emission reduction credits (“ERCs”) for use in the South Coast Air Basin.  Basically, these ERCs are needed by new or modified business to put more air pollution into the air here in the South Coast Air Basin in order to comply with the market-based pollution control system set up under the federal Clean Air Act.  This program is supposed to result in cleaning up the air in the Basin so that–someday–the air here will meet the federal health-based standards.

Another way to say it is this ERC program is supposed to mean that breathing the air isn’t as likely to kill you, since, as I ranted before:

Air Pollution Exposure is Associated with Premature Death:   Attaining the California PM and ozone standards would annually prevent about 8,800 premature deaths, or 3.7% of all deaths. These premature deaths shorten lives by an average of 14 years. This is greater than the same number of deaths (4,200 – 7,400) linked to second-hand smoke in the year 2000. In comparison, motor vehicle crashes caused 3,200 deaths and homicides were responsible for 2,000 deaths”

But back to the Port of Los Angeles emissions.    So, the Port just released its 2008 emissions inventory which shows that it’s Port-related emissions for PM 10 was 857 tons per year.  That’s about 2.35 tons per day for all the emissions related to the (massive) port–both on and off of port property.

Ok, so here’s where it all comes together.

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is attempting to change it rules to create at least 14.62 tons per day of PM10 ERCs.   Yes, that’s right.  The District is trying to create ERCs to allow  about 500% more PM10 pollution than the Port of Los Angeles emitted region-wide in 2008!

The District plans to sell many of those ERCs to facilities that want them.  Right now, that’s all those power plants I talked about before–and there are many more facilities lining up (to be fair, the District would also like to give away some of the ERCs to some facilities, too).  The District would collect hundreds of millions of dollars upon selling these credits.

I’m just sayin’.

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