Enery and Power Intertwined

This piece in the Los Angeles Times is critically important to read and to think about the implications.

Basically, it’s showing how the utilities are actively blocking the mandates to provide more clean, renewable energy and to continue their monopoly on energy delivery.  This effort by PG&E, right on the heels of the derailing of the renewable energy bills this session and the passage of AB 1318 (M. Perez, 2009), a bill which created a massive CEQA exemption in an effort to facilitate the construction of a fossil fuel powerplant, (authored by a “progressive” democrat),  puts into stark relief the magnitude of the fight we  have to undertake if we are to reshape California’s energy profile.  A reshaping that must occur if we are going to have any chance at all of protecting and enhancing health in communities of color and low income communities.  Not to mention saving the planet from doom…

“The proposed Taxpayers Right to Vote Act illustrates what California’s initiative process has come to. It’s a plaything of powerful interests using deception to line their pockets.”

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